Please read the following information on applying for residency at Christus Collegium before completing the application.  If you're willing to accept the terms of residency, please fill out the application form here.
revised July, 2016


The Christus Collegium is owned by the Campus Christian Center, partnership of the United Methodist, Evangelical Lutheran, and Epicopal Churches.  The facility serves as the Center for Campus Ministry for the three churches, and also as a residence hall for up to 18 Montana State University students.

The following priorities are considered when accepting applicants for housing:
1)  An applicant who is a student of MSU or Gallatin College and a member of one of the supporting churches (United Methodist, Lutheran (ELCA) and Episcopal (USA)).  Applicants associated with other Christian denominations are also given special consideration.
2)  MSU and Gallatin College students of other faiths and cultures.  We make every attempt to maintain a balance of nationalities and cultures in the residential community, so our "waiting list" is not always "first come, first served."
3)  ACE students.  Students at higher levels are preferred.

Priority is also given to those with strong personal references (described below).  Our aim is to provide our diverse, multi-cultural group of students a safe and welcoming place to live and study, and to foster an environment of global understanding and friendship.  A high level of maturity is required of residents due to the challenges and opportunities of sharing a "big house" with 17 other students.

Rooms are single-occupancy and furnished with one twin bed, two desks, and two wardrobe closets.  Eight women share a restroom and showers on the third floor, and 10 men share a restroom and showers on the first floor.  There is a common kitchen, a resident lounge area and coin-operated laundry facilities.  Rent is due and payable on the first of the month at a rate of $385 per month.  All utilities (except phone lines) are included.  A $100 security deposit and first and last months' rent--a total of up to $820--is due from all new residents upon move-in.  (If the resident moves in mid-month, that first month will be pro-rated accordingly, roughly $13 per day.)  Rental is month-to-month.

We contract with a janitorial service to clean the public spaces and residential common areas, including the resident kitchen and bathrooms.  Two people are available to assist you with questions or concerns during the evenings or when the manager is not available:  Tom and Terry Walsh live in the apartment (#26) across from the offices, and they oversee activity in the building after hours.  They lock and unlock the building, do a walk-through each night to ensure the safety and security of the facility and are the on-site "go-to" persons if there are immediate building concerns when other staff are unavailable.  Our Resident Assistant is Emmanuel (room #13).  He is also available to answer questions or address concerns.

Those interested in applying to the Christus Collegium should give careful consideration to the unique character of this community.  Applicants agree to abide by the following list of expectations:

1.  In recognition of the varied cultures and traditions represented, residents are expected to maintain an atmosphere of tolerance and mutual respect.
2.  Residents agree to attend the mandatory meetings at the beginning of each semester.
3.  Residents agree to work together to help keep the communal living spaces tidy.
4.  All residents are expected to abide by the written House Rules (see below).

Application procedure:

1.  Submit the application form (hard copy or this form) together with two written references, which may be mailed, emailed (to or hand-delivered to the office.
2.  At such time as a room becomes available, the Christus Collegium staff will look at the list of applicants and contact those who best fit the current needs of this community.  Staff will then schedule a time with each of these candidates for personal interviews.
3.  Provide documentation of enrollment at MSU as an undergraduate, graduate student or faculty-sponsored researcher (or as an ACE student) upon request.
4.  Sign a standard rental agreement upon acceptance to Christus Collegium.

Have references sent to
Questions?  Call Linda at 586-3172

Please note:  Submitting application does not guarantee acceptance to the community.
House Rules, Policies and Information--revised June, 2016

Living at Christus Collegium is a privilege.  It is close to the campus, very reasonably priced, and offers many amenities not available in other housing situations.  Because this is not simply an apartment building, there are several rules that must be followed to ensure that the environment here is safe and respectful for everyone.

1.  Quiet Study Atmosphere
Keep stereos, televisions, and radios at a low volume, and be considerate of others when having visitors by keeping the conversation level low.  The walls in our old building are thin.

2.  Cooking Appliances
Appliances allowed in rooms:  dorm-size refrigerators, microwave ovens, rice cookers, electric coffee makers or tea kettles.  No open-coil appliances (toasters, toaster ovens) are allowed in the residential rooms.

3.  No smoking (including marijuana) or chewing tobacco is allowed anywhere in the building.  Do not smoke in front of doorways.  Place cigarette butts in receptacles, not on the ground.  There is a designated smoking area at the northeast corner of the building and one at the south side of the building.

4.  Fire and Smoke Danger
Fire code requires that the corridor doors on the east end of each corridor be kept closed at all times, except when in immediate use.  At night the west end corridor doors must also be closed.  Fire code requires that hallways be kept clear of furniture (shelving, shoe racks, chairs, etc.) and other belongings.

5.  Bicycles
Bicycles may be left locked on the racks in the front or back of the building.  They may also be stored in the storage room downstairs.  Parking them in any corridors is a violation of the Fire Code.  Please register your bicycle (frame number and description) with the office.

6.  Parking
Parking spaces behind Wesley Hall are reserved for staff.  Park carefully, so as to allow the greatest amount of parking for residents and visitors.  Register your car make/model, color and license plate number with the office.

7.  Guest Policy
An occasional same-sex guest is allowed in your room.  As a matter of safety and consideration, please be sure to inform Linda or Tom prior to your guest's arrival.  If there is an empty room available, (especially during the summer), it may be possible to rent that room for a more extended period (e.g. for parents or other family) at a rate of $12 a day.

8.  Alcohol and Drug Use
You are expected to abide by the state and federal laws concerning alcohol and illegal substances.  For those of legal drinking age (21), alcohol is allowed in residential rooms only, not in hallways or other common areas.  Drunken, disorderly behavior will not be tolerated.  Possession and/or use of illegal substances will be reported to local authorities.

9.  Pets
No pets are allowed.

10.  Residence Floor Safety
With the exception of the upstairs library, men should not be on the women's floor between the hours of midnight and 8:00 a.m.  Women should also not be on the men's floor during these same hours.  Any visitors to the residence floors or common areas, regardless of the time of day, must be in the company of a current resident of the Christus Collegium.

11.  Community Use
The Christus Collegium serves not only as a residence hall for MSU students, but as a gathering place for a variety of community organizations and events.  When scheduling such usage, the staff gives special consideration to the needs of students.  If you have any questions or concerns about activities that are scheduled here, please talk to the staff.

12.  Residence Kitchen
The Resident Kitchen is available to the tenants of the Christus Collegium.  Please familiarize yourself with the safe operation of the kitchen appliances, and be a considerate and responsible "family member" when using the kitchen by cleaning up after yourself.  The janitorial service sanitizes the sink and the counters and mops the kitchen floor, but they do not clean dishes, pans, cups, or utensils.  This is important!  Please wipe up any of your spills and splatters on the stove, the counters, and the walls; put clean, shared cookware away on the open shelving; stow personal dishes, CLEAN OR DIRTY, in your own cupboard.  There are no shared refrigerators.  Residents must provide their own dorm-sized refrigerators for their rooms.  (The Collegium does have a few small refrigerators available for loan.)  There is a freezer in the kitchen for residents' use.  Please put your items in the bins provided and label them with your name.

13.  Residence Bathrooms
Same rules as the kitchen--take responsibility for your own messes.  The janitorial service sanitizes toilets, sinks, showers, and floors three times each week, but your own belongings must be kept contained so that this work can be done.

14.  Disposal of Trash
Please do not use trash cans in bathrooms, janitor's closets, or the hallways for food garbage, pizza boxes, etc.  Take this trash to the larger cans in the kitchen, or dispose of it directly in the big city dumpster in the alley.  There are smaller, lidded cans outside the back residence doors, but if these cans are full, please take your trash to the city dumpster.  Trash bags also should not be left in the stairwell outside the resident lounge.  The combination for the lock on the city dumpster is 3173.

15.  Keys
You are furnished with a room key, a key to the front door, and a key to your assigned kitchen cabinet.  You will also be given a code for the electronic lock at the northeast alley entrance.  Rooms are locked with a deadbolt system, so it is impossible to lock your keys in your room.  If you lose your keys elsewhere, $65 will be charged against your security deposit (the room will need to be re-keyed).

16.  House Rules
The Christus Collegium is a big, big house!  The janitorial service works only three days each week, so residents must participate in the general upkeep of the resident areas.  Please help the "house" run smoothly by emptying trashcans when you see they are overflowing, picking up loose garbage you might see around the grounds or indoor common areas, and most importantly, cleaning up after yourself.

17.  Resident Meetings
A mandatory resident meeting is scheduled during the first week of classes each semester--usually early on a Sunday evening.  We require that each resident make every effort to attend.  Occasionally an additional meeting may be called to address a particular issue, and attendance is required at these, as well.  If you are absolutely unable to attend a particular meeting, please inform Linda (management) PRIOR to the meeting.  You will be asked to meet with Linda to discuss the outcome of the meeting.  Failure to communicate with management when necessary will jeopardize your residency at the Collegium.

18.  Resident Dinners
In an effort to promote a sense of community, friendship, and trust among residents, the staff tries to offer one or two resident meals or activities each semester.  All residents are strongly encouraged to attend these gatherings.  Ideas for activities are always welcome.

19.  Emergencies or Concerns

In the event of an emergency, call 911 immediately.
If there are other concerns such as loss of heat or hot water and other maintenance issues, Tom Walsh is available on-site at night, and at other times during the day that he is not working elsewhere (MSU).  He is happy to help.  You may also get Linda's and Tom's cell phone numbers from them.
If you are unable to reach either of them and you have concerns about suspicious activity, vandalism, or rowdy behavior in or around the building, call the non-emergency number of the Bozeman Police Department:  582-2000, extension 2.

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