Please use the following form to send us an application for residence.  You may also submit a paper copy, available at our offices.  Please be sure that you're willing to abide by the terms of residency before submitting an application.  Read the terms here before applying.
First Name
Last (Family) Name
Date of Birth
Current Address
Home Address
Cell Number
Person to Contact in Case of Emergency
Church Affiliation (preference is given to students associated with our owning partner churches)
Home Congregation
Other religious affiliation (optional)
MSU Student ID #
College Classification (Freshman, Sophomore, ACE (and level), etc.
Do you have any physical needs or limitations that would require special accommodations?
If yes, please explain.
Semester/year you hope to move into Christus Collegium
Financial Information:
Employed by
Employer Contact Name and Phone
Explain any other income (loans, grants, scholarships, etc.)
Why would you like to live at Christus Collegium?
Christus Collegium is home to a diverse community of students; our residents come from all over the world--and from small Montana towns.  Some are members of our supporting Christian churches, others from different backgrounds and faith traditions.  The CC community provides a unique opportunity for MSU students to build multi-cultural friendships and global connections with others.  How do you feel you would contribute to such a community?  What might you learn?
To help residents get to know each other we try to offer one or two resident dinners or events during the semester.  We encourage residents to help us plan such activities, and Christus Collegium covers all costs.  Do you agree to attend such dinners if the schedule were given well in advance?  To help plan?
The ministries that support and manage the Christus Collegium sometimes organize service projects for students involved in the partner churches.  We wish to offer this opportunity to all of our CC residents, also.  Would you be interested in participating in an occasional service project?
Do you have any ideas that you would like to share for possible service opportunities?
Any last comments?



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